Tarpon fishing is generally considered the most consistent trip for experienced and inexperienced anglers. It is also the type of trip that makes Boca Grande Pass tarpon fishing famous.

This type of fishing is often dependent on the tide stage. Morning trips are generally scheduled around sunrise. Evening trips are often scheduled around sunset. The evening trips can be fascinating for both aspects.

Tarpon fishing--4 people maximum, everything included. Conventional tackle, live bait, 4 hour trip- $300.00


Fish the surrounding waters year round for Snook, Redfish, Speckled Trout, Pompano and Yellowtail Jacks. Anglers use light tackle spinning gear equipment among the shallow grass flats and mangrove islands of Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound.

Most anglers choose between Morning and Evening 1/2 day trips, (4 hours).

Morning and evening trips generally vary on the tide schedule. Departure times are set individually to take advantage of the prime fishing time that day. Most trips have a maximum capacity of 4 anglers, some can carry as many as 6 anglers, but it tends to get crowded.

Backcountry light tackle-- 4 people maximum-- 4 hours-- $300.00


The Florida Gulf Coast's targeted species are Grouper, Snapper, Permit, Cobia, Amberjack, Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel and Bonito. I use conventional tackle and live bait.

Offshore-- 4 people maximum-- 4 hours-- $300.00


Backcountry Fly Fishing--2 people maximum-- 4 hours-- $300.00